8 Amazing ways to enjoy fish like a Goan

Evelyn Siqueira

Goans love a good fish dish at meal time every day. And so, Goa’s culinary scene abounds in a variety of fish preparations. Read on to discover the many delicious ways in which Goans savour the local seafood …

Goa | fish dishes | curry | PHOTO: Venita Gomes


Fish (generally mackerel) – stuffed with a fiery red recheado masala, and then fried – is highly popular in Goa.

Goa | fish dishes | recheado fish


Fish-curry-rice is a staple in the average Goan home. Flavourful local curries range from the basic kodi/hooman to Caldinha, Ambotik, Uddamethi and more.

Goa | fish dishes | fish curry | PHOTO: Abigail Crasto


Pickled seafood, such as Para and Balchao are a monsoon favourite, capable of tantalising any fish-lovin’ palate.

Goa | fish dishes | para | PHOTO: Venita Gomes


Fish isn’t always curried or fried in Goa. Cutlets, known as almona in local parlance, are made of fish, generally mackerel, and served as snacks or part of a main course.

Goa | fish dishes | fish cutlets | PHOTO: Delicious Memories With Alves


Besides fish, other seafood such as prawns, squid and mussels, are also enjoyed fried with rawa (semolina) and masala.

Goa | fish dishes | fried fish


Mildly-flavoured Kismoor is perhaps the most well-known local preparation using small dry prawns, called galmo.

Goa | fish dishes | galmo


Back in the day, dry salt fish was the go-to fish in Goan kitchens during the monsoons.

Goa | fish dishes | dry salt fish | PHOTO: KD


Fish, generally mackerel or tuna, is finely ground with spices, resulting in a filling that is used in starters such as fish cones, forminhas and toasties, commonly served at parties and weddings in Goa.

Goa | fish dishes | fish cones

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