8 Great books about Goa that you didn't know about

Evelyn Siqueira

If you just can’t get enough of Goa and its culture, you’ll find these books unputdownable …

As Dear as Salt: The story of neglect and decay in a traditional occupation in Goa

AUTHOR: Reyna Sequeira (2013)

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Abbé Faria: The Life of a Pioneer Indian Hypnotist and His Impact on Hypnosis

AUTHOR: Luis SR Vas (2007)

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A Peep into Santana: A Brief Historical Sketch of Talaulim

AUTHOR: Fr John D’Silva (2016)

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An Outline of Pre-Portuguese Goa

AUTHOR: Gerald A Pereira (1973)

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Anatomy Of A Colonial Capital: Panjim

AUTHOR: Dr Celsa Pinto (2016)

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Beyond The Beach: The Village of Arossim, Goa, in Historical Perspective

AUTHOR: Themistocles D’Silva (2011)

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Common Shells of Goa and the Konkan Coast

AUTHOR: Suhag Shirodkar & Anand Bariya (2022)

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English-Konkani Pronouncing Pocket Dictionary

AUTHOR: JM Pinto (1991)

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