9 Things you need to do when you visit Fontainhas, Panjim

Venita Gomes

Take a peek into Goa's past and get a feel of a community that still has elements of colonial rule in Goa.
Look out for Indo-Portuguese style houses and spot unique architectural elements like windows and doors crafted from oyster shells.
Feast you eyes on the houses, painted in distinct bright coloured hues like blue, yellow and red.
Observe how these houses have architectural elements that give an insight into the history of the homes. You can find insignias, sentinels and finials -- in the form of a rooster, solider etc -- atop houses or on gate posts.
Visit the St Sebastian Chapel, here, which has featured as a backdrop in several Bollywood movies.
Many homes in this Latin Quarter of Panjim have been converted into guest houses, hotels and work stations. You can stay in any of these and experience the old world charm of this quaint locale firsthand.
Built in the Indo-Portuguese architectural style, the Latin Quarter makes for the picture-perfect backdrop for any film and photography shoots. If you're looking for a colourful outdoor setting, Fontainhas is a perfect choice.
From quaint cafes to popular restaurants, Fontainhas has a variety of offerings when it comes to food. Enjoy a meal in an age-old Indo-Portuguese house.
Go on a heritage walk in the Latin Quarter and listen to stories that make this area one of the must-visit places in Goa.