A delicious way to enjoy the rainy season in Goa

Abigail Crasto


If you are craving for some hot snacks, try some deep-fried pakodas or pakoras made of vegetables such as potatoes or onions, gram flour, spices and herbs.

Goa| Monsoons| Food| Pakodas|Mirchi Pav| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


If you can't resist the urge to eat some street food, try some mouth-watering roasted corn. It is warm, mildly-spicy and has great flavor.

Goa| Rainy weather| Street food| Roasted Corn| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


A must-try during the monsoon season are the momos served with some chilli garlic sauce or chutney.

Goa| Monsoons| Food| Momos|Chili dip| Dumplings| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Nothing beats the joy of gorging on some hot samosas when it's pouring outside.

Goa| Rains| Fried Food| Samosas| Hot| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Savour on a comforting soup bowl of veggies. It will help you keep the body warm and free from any monsoon flus.

Goa| Monsoons| Comfort food| Soup| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Drinking a hot cup of chai (tea) is the perfect way to relax and get some warmth inside your body on a cold rainy day.

Goa| Monsoons| Hot chai| Tea| Rainy weather|


After a long day of rain, there's nothing better than a warm bowl of boiled sprouts. Prepare a healthy salad or enjoy it on its own.

Goa| Rains| Healthy food| Sprouts| Salads|

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