A food combo Goans love

Abigail Crasto

Goan Patoleo/ Patoli

This is a traditional sweet dish made of rice flour, stuffed with some jaggery-coconut filling (known as godd-chunn) and steamed in fresh turmeric leaves. It's prepared during Goa's harvest festivities.

Goa| Traditional Sweet| Patoleo | Feast of Assumption|

Holle/ Donne

This traditional delicacy consists of a cone of jackfruit leaves, coated with rice flour paste, stuffed with a coconut-jaggery filling and finally steamed.

Goa| Traditional Sweet| Holle| Rice flour| Coconut Jaggery Filling| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Mandos is a tea-time cake prepared using simple ingredients like freshly grated coconut, ukde tandul (red rice), jaggery, cashew nuts and cardamom.

Goa| Traditional Sweet| Tea time| Cake| Mandos| | Photo: https://www.millettable.com


These Goan rice noodles are served along with a coconut-jaggery mixture. It's relished at any time of the day, but is mostly eaten for breakfast or during tea-breaks.

Goa| Coconut and Jaggery filling| Rice noodles | Tea snack| | Photo: @CookingAddiction

Alle Belle/ Mannkio

Alle belle are pancakes traditionally stuffed with coconut and palm jaggery. This soft, mouth-melting sweet-dish, is generally eaten in the evenings with a hot cup of tea.

Goa| Coconut and Jaggery filling| Goan pancake | Alle Belle| | Photo: Venita Gomes


Modak is a sweet offered to Lord Ganesh during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities. The outer covering is prepared of wheat flour, rice flour or all-purpose flour, and the stuffing is made of coconut-jaggery.

Goa| Modak| Ganesh Chaturthi| Steamed| Jaggery filling|

Khatkhate /Mila

Mila is a coconut-jaggery sweet found in sweet shops and annual fair stalls. It's usually hard on the outside and chewy in the center with a hint of ginger and a nutty flavour.

Goa| Coconut and Jaggery| After meal sweet| Mila| | Photo: https://greenplatter.in

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