A small makeover for the Campal forest dept park in Panjim

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The Range Forest Office Campal is constructing a Nature Open Interpretation Centre, and the same is expected to be completed by June 5.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Interpretation Centre | Photo: Saisma Naik

The interpretation centre is designed in such a way so that visitors can explore and learn about nature.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Interpretation Centre | Photo: Siya Chodankar

These existing murals in the park add vibrancy to the surroundings, and as part of the makeover, more such murals will be added.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Animal Murals | Photo: Saisma Naik

A new fountain will be part of the Nature Open Interpretation Centre.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Fountain | Photo: Siya Chodankar

At the Campal park, one can see different types of nurseries.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Plant nurseries | Photo: Saisma Naik

Visitors can go around and see several medicinal plants, which are well marked by information boards.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Medicinal Plants | Photo: Siya Chodankar

The Forest Nursery in Campal is among the well-maintained nurseries in Goa.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Nursery | Photo: Saisma Naik

The nurseries provide for immersive and educational experience for students and plant lovers.

Goa|Campal park|Forest Dept|Plant lovers | Photo: Siya Chodankar

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