Abolianchem fest: A tribute to Goa's spirit and culture

Lakshmi G Sardesai

Abolianchem Fest was part of the Altinho, Panjim-based Nirmala Institute of Education's celebrations to mark 60 years of its existence in June.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Flowers|Diamond jubilee | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Well-known ghumot player, Carlos Gonsalves, came up with a stellar performance in which he was accompanied by students of the institute.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Flowers|Ghumot | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

The fest saw school students participating in a face painting competition with marine life as the theme.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Face painting | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

Goa's forgotten traditional games (Goenche Paramaparik Khell) brought out the best in kids as well as adults.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Flowers|Traditional games | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

O'luv Rodriguez mesmerised those gathered at the fest with his Konkani songs played to the tunes of the ghumot.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Music | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

Moga Baim (Lovers Well) at the venue highlighted the message of water conservation.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Save water | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

The venue of the fest had different stalls ranging from food to traditional items.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Stalls | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

Students danced to the rhythm of Goenchim kantara (Goan songs) decked in traditional attire bringing alive the State's cultural legacy.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Save water | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

The occasion was a feast of traditional dances with students dressed in traditional Goan wear. The Mussol dance performed at Shigmo in Chandor was well presented.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Dances | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

A fashion show with theme 'Wealth out of waste from water bodies' showcased the extent of pollution caused in water bodies.

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Waste wealth | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

The main thrust of the fest was 'Save water'. The point was driven home by dance performances, skits and songs by the students of Nirmala Institute. 

Goa|Nirmala Institute|Diamond jubilee|Singing | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai.

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