All you wanted to know about the attire of Goa’s Cardinal Ferrão

Evelyn Siqueira

Curious about the ceremonial attire of Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrão, the first cardinal from Goa? Keep reading ...

Cardinal Ferrão attire|Goa

The red and white vestment that Cardinal Ferrão wore on the day of the Consistory (when he was made cardinal), in August 2022, is called the ‘choir dress’.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa

It consists of a scarlet cassock, a white rocchetto or surplice, often made of lace, a scarlet mozzetta (a shoulder cape worn over the surplice), a scarlet zucchetto or skull cap and a scarlet biretta or square cap worn over the zuchetto.

Cardinal Ferrão attire|Goa | ILLUSTRATION: Katia Goes

All of these are made of treated silk.

Cardinal Ferrão attire|Goa

The last two items were conferred by Pope Francis during the investiture and are custom-made to fit the wearer.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa

While all these five items have to be bought by the cardinal himself, the Pope offers each cardinal a gold ring and a mitre, handcrafted in white damask silk.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa

The cardinal also wears a silk chord, red and gold in colour, from where his pectoral cross hangs.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa | PIC CREDIT: Dhiraj Harmalkar

Cardinal Ferrão’s vestments were tailored by I Sarti del Borgo, in Rome, Italy, which specialises in liturgical vestments and clothing. The expenses were graciously borne by the Roman Dicastery for the Evangelization of Peoples, Italy.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa

Cardinal Ferrão continues to be the Archbishop of Goa and Daman. He also has the following honorific titles:

  • Primate of the East since 1572

  • Patriarch of the East Indies since 1886

  • Titular Archbishop of Cranganore since1928

Cardinal Ferrão|Goa

While Cardinal Ferrão retains these titles, he was also conferred a new kind of title during the Consistory: the title of Cardinal-Priest of the Church of Santa Maria in Via. It is assigned by the Pope to each new cardinal.

Cardinal Ferrão consistory|Goa