Baina beach: The ultimate fun place for tourists

Dhiraj Harmalkar

A tourist seen enjoying a chilled beer at Baina Beach.

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A large number of tourists come to Baina to enjoy watersports.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Watersports

Children enjoy swimming in the shallow waters of the sea.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Swimming

Domestic tourists come in large numbers to Baina.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Family

Scooter boat riding is one of the many exciting activities tourists can engage in at Baina.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Scooter boat

Lifeguards: Always in alert mode.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Lifeguards

Mothers bring their children to Baina.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Safety

Watersports operators pushing a boat into the sea.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Boats

A board at the entrance of Baina beach displays details about watersports activities.

Goa Tourism|Goa|Baina|Board