Behind the music of Ganesh Chaturthi

Evelyn Siqueira

Music is an intrinsic part of the ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ celebrations in Goa, and several folk instruments are used during the festive days.

Chaturthi | Music | ALL PICS: Sandeep Desai

GHUMOT is an ancient Goan terracotta percussion instrument and has 2 mouths – one wide and the other narrow

Chaturthi | Ghumot

SHAMEL accompanies the ghumot and is played using 2 thin cane sticks

Chaturthi | Shamel

ZANJ is a pair of small metallic cymbals

Chaturthi | Zanj

TABLA is a traditional Indian hand drum with a large drum and a second smaller one

Chaturthi | Tabla

HARMONIUM is very similar to an accordion

Chaturthi | Harmonium

TAL is similar to the zanj, but has a conical shape and a thick cord

Chaturthi | Tal