Best of Goa Panchayat Elections 2022

Venita Gomes

Here's how Goa actively took part in selecting grassroots level candidates.
This year, 5038 candidates came forward to contest the elections from 186 village panchayats of Goa. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai
The elections were held on August 10, 2022, while the counting of votes was held on August 12, 2022. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai
The State witnessed 78.70 percent voting this year at the Goa State Panchayat Elections 2022. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai
One of the oldest candidates to win Goa's Panchayat elections was 82-year-old Bhago Bhairo Varak, from Ward 6 of Van-Maulinguem Kudchire panchayat.
There was a total of sixty-four candidates, who were elected unopposed from different village panchayats, of which 41 were from North Goa and 23 from South Goa. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai.
This year, many youngsters also won the election and made an entry into grassroots politics in Goa.
Huge crowds were seen outside counting centers. While many rejoiced over their victory, others wowed to thrive in the next elections despite defeat. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai.
Capturing the moment is definitely a must and that is exactly what candidates and their supporters did as they celebrated the victory. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai.
Supporters and candidates waiting eagerly in the rains to know the results. | Picture Courtesy: Sandeep Desai.