Beyond sausages: Fiery and flavourful pork delicacies of Goa

Evelyn Siqueira


While strings of spicy, mouth-watering sausages are one of those sights associated with Goa (especially purument), plenty more traditional delicacies are prepared using pork.

Goa | pork | sausages | Photo: Kristion Colaco


A spicy preparation made of sausages and local bread, Sausage Pao (Chourico Pao) is a hot favourite at snack time in homes, at local street food joints as well as at church feasts.

Goa | sausage pao | Chourico Pao | street food | pork | Photo: Kristion Colaco


Vindalho, or Vindaloo, is a delectable, fiery red gravy whose primary ingredient is pork. The presence of vinegar and a blend of spices indicates that this isn’t a dish for the faint-hearted.

Goa | pork | Vindalho| Vindaloo


A quick, easy-to-cook rice preparation, Sausage Pulao is a spicy pilaf with sprinklings of Goan chourico, and is often the go-to dish in Goan homes when guests drop in unannounced.

Goa | pork | Sausage Pulao | Goan chourico


Sometimes called Sarapatel, this well-known dish is a flavourful gravy containing little cubes of pork. Paired with an accompaniment of steamed sanna, it is one of the standard items on the menu at Catholic weddings, special occasions and feasts in Goa.

Goa | pork | Sarapatel | sorpotel | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Generous amounts of a stuffing of cooked sausage in a croissant or hot dog roll best describes this popular snack, which is very similar to Chourico Pao.

Goa | pork | sausage roll


Feijoada is a stew of beans, and derives its name from feijão, meaning 'bean' in Portuguese.

Goa | pork | Feijoada | feijão | Photo: BigFatTummy


Other pork dishes found in Goan cuisine are assado (roast), kailitulem (fried), amsol, bafad, bouch and balchao to name a few.

Goa | pork | assado | roast

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