Call it tourist raj or road show on Parra's coconut lane

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Domestic tourists are throwing all rules to the wind by clicking photographs standing right in the middle of the road on the Parra coconut land which has been made famous by Bollywood flicks.

Tourist footfalls | Traffic snarls | All pics: KD

The tourists' penchant for a slice of this scenic stretch is causing traffic snarls on this serene coconut-fringed road.

Traffic chaos | Courtesy tourists

Hawkers from the beach side are also finding this road a good place for doing business and the customers too are readily available.

Business time | Unwanted activity

This narrow road connects tourists to beaches like Anjuna and Vagator, but before they head north, a photo shoot is a must.

Tourist footfalls | Traffic snarls

In what seems to be a scene straight out of Bollywood film, some of the tourists do not mind letting their hair down, oblivious to the road rules.

Goa calls | Goin' coconuts

People who commute daily on this road have bitterly complained about the nuisance, but no action has followed.

Road show | Tourists' day out

This is not the first time this road is in the news for such traffic snarls and the inconvenience that follows.

Traffic chaos | Courtesy tourists

The Goa police traffic cell too has not bothered to ensure that such traffic nuisance doesn't occur on this internal road.

Tourist footfalls | Traffic snarls