Colva beach, an unsightly eyesore

Dhiraj Harmalkar

The creek at the entry point of Colva beach is an unpleasant sight for tourists.

Goa tourism| Colva |Coast for strays | Creek | All pics: Dhiraj Harmalkar

The sitting area at the beach entry point is full of bird excreta.

Goa tourism| Colva |Beach square| Sitting area

A room meant for the police is in a dilapidated condition as one enters the beach.

Goa tourism| Colva |Unmanned| Beach

Waste littered by tourists on the beach attracts stray cattle and dogs.

Goa tourism| Colva |Coast for strays | Gone to the dogs

Domestic tourists do not obey warnings and enter the water in the no-swim zone.

Goa tourism| Colva |Beach| No swim zone

Migrant women, eunuchs and beggars harassing domestic and foreign tourists is the order of the day.

Goa tourism| Colva |Beach| Begging menace

Swimming under the influence of alcohol is yet another risk tourists take in Goa.

Goa tourism| Colva |Beach| No swim zone | Drinking menace

Despite tall assurances, the stray cattle menace continues to fester.

Goa tourism| Colva |Beach| Strays | Cattle class