Cricket, Bollywood, advertising and a lot more at Goafest 2023

Venita Gomes

DAY 2 - GOAFEST 2023

Day 2 of Goafest 2023 saw performances by Indian playback singers Asees Kaur and Divya Kumar, and a session by Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Goafest 2023|Asees Kaur|Live concert|Indian singer | Photo: Venita Gomes


Indian playback singers, Divya Kumar and Asees Kaur, got the crowd at Goafest 2023 dancing to their tunes.

Goafest 2023|Divya Kumar|Live concert|Indian singer | Photo: Venita Gomes


Instagram influencer, Aiyyo Shraddha, who has got the country laughing with her witty jokes on everyday things, enthralled the audience with her stand-up comedy at Goa Fest 2023.

Goafest 2023|Aiyyo Shraddha|Stand-up comedy|Social media star | Photo: Venita Gomes


The Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh also brought in Punjabi tadka to the event with his cricket stories and life journey.

Goafest 2023|Harbhajan Singh|Manish Batavia|Grand Hyatt | Photo: Venita Gomes


Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, who moderated a session on 'Future of Connected Devices and Cross Channel Measurement', focused on the subject of connected devices, which enable effortless communication and data sharing.

Goafest 2023|Grand Hyatt Goa|marketing festival| Rajdeep Sardesai | Photo: Venita Gomes


The masterclasses at the fest highlighted topics on technological and advertising innovations.

Goafest 2023|Grand Hyatt Goa | Photo: Venita Gomes


The event saw presence of young creators from India who have taken the internet and advertising industry by storm.

Goafest 2023|Vikram Sakhuja|Chandan Mukherji|Priyanka Gill|Ravi | Photo: Venita Gomes

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