Discover the hidden charms of Khandepar, Goa’s enchanting village

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Situated 34 km from Panjim, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in Khandepar is one of Goa's oldest, dating back to the Medieval period, and is known to be the family deity of the Kadamba emperors.

Khandepar | Goa | Saptakoteshwar Temple | Shiva | Kadamba dynasty | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


The serene stream of the Khandepar river and peaceful atmosphere will entice you to linger a little longer. The sight of the lush, green vegetation on either side is rejuvenating.

Khandepar | Goa | river | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


If you seek an entertaining destination for a day out, Nandanvan has you covered. In addition to the spice farm tours and authentic Goan cuisine, adventurous souls can also delight in various activities, and lounge in the pools.

Khandepar | Goa | Nandanvan | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


A perfect spot for family gatherings and outings, this new addition from Nandanvan offers cottages for overnight stays, and variety of fun activities including giant swings, ATV rides, zip-lining and more.

Khandepar | Goa | Nandanvan | Rock Valley | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


Dating back to the 11th century AD (CE), these caves rest along the banks of river Khandepar. The cave complex consists of three caves, each with two cells, and another with a Shivalingam.

Khandepar | Goa | ancient caves | 11th century AD | Shivalingam | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


SRK’s Baag Along Resort offers a serene retreat where you can unwind after a busy day. Dive into the pool, and escape the heat of the sun. Summer is the best time to experience its tranquil atmosphere.

Khandepar | Goa | SRK Baag Along Resort | Photo: Nandini Dasgupta


Adjacent to the pool lies a tranquil spot with a serene riverfront, featuring wooden planks and benches, where one can enjoy the refreshing breeze. It’s an ideal setting for solitude-seekers.

Khandepar | Goa | riverfront | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


The village is adorned with lush coconut and palm trees, enveloping one in the comforting embrace of nature from every direction.

Khandepar | Goa | coconut palms | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


The pristine allure of the forests and meandering streams in this locale captivates the beholder, evoking a nostalgic journey with every leisurely stroll.

Khandepar | Goa | forest | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


The well-known water treatment plant in Khandepar, Ponda, is off-limits to visitors, but schools and high-ranking individuals can gain access through special permission.

Khandepar | Goa | Opa | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta

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