Don't be weary, sip on some Goan Feni!

Katia Goes

A distinct part of Goa's rich cultural heritage, cashew feni is a drink that is loved by all.

Goa|Cashew feni|Crushing cashew|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Known for its medicinal properties, feni is distilled liquor derived from the cashew fruit.

Goa|Cashew feni|Cashew apples|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Some popular brands of Feni in Goa include,

1. Cazulo premium feni.

Drinking Cazulo feni is like getting a true taste of Goan heritage.

Goa|Cashew feni|Cazulo feni|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Cazulo Premium Feni

2. Madame Rosa Goa.

This feni is now available in eight different countries.

Goa|Cashew feni|Madame Rosa|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Madame Rosa Goa

3. Aani Ek Infused feni.

Feni infusions like limon (lemon), chilli and honey+cinnamonare are a must-try.

Goa|Cashew feni|Aani Ek Feni|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Aani Ek Infused Feni

4. Moji handcrafted feni.

This feni claims it is made in the finest epicurean tradition of habitation.

Goa|Cashew feni|Moji Feni|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: Moji Handcrafted Feni

5. TINTO - Heritage Feni

Boasts of a fruity flavour profile and an intense but delicate aroma.

Goa|Cashew feni|Tinto Feni|Cashew drink|Goan refreshment | Photo: TINTO - Heritage Feni

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