Don't ignore these foods during the monsoons in Goa

Roxanne D'silva


Fresh, seasonal fruits are your best dietary choice during the monsoons since they provide the body with vital minerals and vitamins. However, avoid eating pre-cut fruits from vendors due to hygiene reasons.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season | Bananas | Seasonal fruits | Goa


Pepper has warming properties, which are particularly beneficial when the weather gets cold at this time of year.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season | peppercorns| Immunity | Goa


The monsoon season is a time for vegetables such as bottle gourd, Indian squash and many more. Consumption of vegetables in any form has many health benefits. Stay away from raw vegetables as they may contain disease causing bacteria.

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Including a portion of probiotic to your diet is a healthy practice. Probiotics, like curd and buttermilk, boost gut health and improve digestion.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season |Probiotics| Curd |


Protein helps in boosting immunity and recovering from illness. Good sources of protein are milk and milk products, pulses like moong, chole, rajma, soya and chicken.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season |Lentils| Pulses| Good source of protein


Garlic is loaded with anti-bacterial properties, while ginger is popularly used to treat cough and throat-related issues, which are common ailments during the rainy season.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season |Ginger | Garlic| combat illness


This immunity booster can raise body heat quickly, making it perfect for consumption during the cold, rainy days in Goa.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season |Methi|energy booster|


The antioxidant and anti-microbial properties in turmeric are instrumental in preventing gastric ulcers and improving the immune system. Drinking a glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric can help your body go a long way, especially when the mercury levels drop.

Monsoon foods | Monsoon season |Turmeric| Prevents gastric|

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