Don't leave Goa without doing these 10 things

Evelyn Siqueira

Experiences, such as these, are uniquely Goan. Don’t forget to add them to your bucket list when you visit Goa ...

Learn a Goan dance

From corredinho to fugdi, Goa has loads of easy, fun dances to check out.

Watch feni being prepared

When in Goa, don’t just swig feni; watch how the spirit of Goa is made in March and April.

Visit a festive fair, and munch khajem

Pick up some sweet, traditional khajem at one of several festive fairs, held in Goa for much of the year.

Eat Goa rice, Ukdem Tandul

This red, boiled, unpolished cereal was the healthy staple of choice of our forefathers.

Take a Konkani class

What could be better than learning to speak another language?

Make a copel

If you’re visiting Goa in June, make a traditional copel (flower wreath) and don it at the Sao Joao festivities.

Watch a tiatr

Enjoy some laughs with this local form of entertainment, which always has a message for the masses.

Take a ride in a 'ferry'

You won’t find ferries quite like these in any other part of India

Eat Goan berries

Come to Goa in March, April or May, and feast your taste buds on wild, local berries such as chunnam (Zizyphus Rugosa), kantam (Carissa carandas), jambhalam (Syzygium cuminis), and more.

Learn Portuguese

Learn the language, or at least a few words, while you are in Goa.