Drive with care! 'Big Brother' will be watching you

Rohan Fernandes

From June 1, 2023, issuing of traffic violation challans will go smart.

Goa|Traffic rules in Goa|Traffic Camera | Photos: Rohan Fernandes

The transport department will start issuing e-challans for violations captured by CCTV cameras from tomorrow.

Goa|Traffic rules in Goa|Traffic Camera | Photos: Rohan Fernandes

Smart Signals will be operational at 13 places in and around Panaji including Merces and Porvorim to detect and penalise traffic offences remotely.

Goa|Traffic rules in Goa|Traffic Camera|Traffic Signal | Photos: Rohan Fernandes

The police will also maintain a hawk's eye over traffic rule violators.

Goa|Traffic rules in Goa|Traffic Police | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

Use of mobile phone while driving, failure to obey traffic signs, not wearing seat belt and not wearing helmet will be dealt with strictly.

Goa|Atal Setu|Traffic violation fines |Traffic Jam | Photo: Sandeep Desai

The Directorate of Transport has already released a list specifying the fines to be levied on traffic rule violators through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled smart signal system.

Goa|Traffic rules in Goa|

The new system has been designed to capture number plates of vehicles and and faces of individuals who violate traffic rules.

Photos: Rohan Fernandes

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