Festivals unlimited during Shigmo celebrations in Goa!

Rohan Fernandes

With Shigmotsav just around the corner, let's not forget about these festivals happening right, here, in Goa, alongside Shigmo.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023 | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Check out Homkund Utsav, in Sanquelim, with its firewalkers.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|sanquelim | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Marvel at the shower of coal at the Xenni Uzzo festival in Molcornem, Sanguem.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|xenni uzzo | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Watch the fiery rituals of Homkund Utsav in Chorao.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|charao homkond utsav | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Dances with 'horses' at Ghode Modni in Poriem & Sanquelim.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|godde modni festival

Chorotsav is a unique festival of 'thieves' in Zarme, Sattari.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|chorotsav | Photo: Goa Tourism

A riot of colour at the annual Gulal at Shree Damodar Temple, Zambaulim.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|Gulal zambaulim | Photo: MygoldenGoa

The colourful Holi festival in Goa.

Goa|shigmo |shigmotsav 2023|Holi 2023 | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

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