Gearing up for Diwali in Goa

Evelyn Siqueira

These days, pretty akash kandils, in a multitude of eye-catching colours, jostle for attention in local markets and even on the roadside as Diwali approacheth.

Diwali |Akash kandil| Goa | ALL PICS: Sandeep Desai

A vendor displays Diwali decorations in his makeshift roadside stall.

Diwali |Akash kandil| Goa

An assortment of diyas, rangoli stencils and more can be seen all over the state these days with just days to go for Diwali.

Diwali |diya| Goa

What's Diwali without 'Narkasur'! This vendor sells grotesque effigies as well as masks of the mythological demon king.


A rainbow of colourful paper is available for those who want to tap into their creative side by making their very own handmade akash kandil.


Diwali is a time for gifting, and so it is only fitting that gift boxes are also on sale at this time of year.


Apart from traditional decor, imported rice lights, luminaries etc can also be seen in Goa's markets, adding a modern touch to the customary Diwali celebrations.


Whether simple or ornate, dainty terracotta diyas are an essential part of every Diwali celebration.


More varieties of diyas and rangoli stencils to choose from...