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This town lies between Old Goa and Panjim city and served as a significant stop for large ships carrying goods during the Portuguese era. The only road linking Ribandar to Panjim was a causeway constructed in 1633.

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A historic colonial neighborhood in Panjim, referred to as the Latin Quarter, it features Portuguese-style architecture and is now home to quaint boutique shops and authentic Goan eateries.

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The area is named after the St Thomas chapel, and is located next to Panjim's Latin Quarter. Some notable buildings in the vicinity include Casa da Moeda, the Panjim Post Office and Tabacco Square.

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The town square of Panjim is a bustling hub offering a wide array of goods and services. It was the first area of Panjim to be constructed, based on a carefully organised layout, and its architecture is a testament to its artistic expression.

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Recognized as a bustling locale of Panjim, this area is situated near Kala Academy and has a variety of shops, eateries, pharmacies etc. The notable St Inez area is highlighted by the St Inez church.

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Altinho, a picturesque hill near Panjim city, is famous for its panoramic views of the city and the River Mandovi. It is also where the Chief Minister's residence, the Archbishop's Palace and the Maruti temple are located.

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Situated a couple of miles from Panjim city, Taleigao was once known as the granary of North Goa as it had vast tracts of agricultural land.

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