Get lost in the world of traditional art at Goa Lokotsav

Abigail Crasto


Passed down through the generations, India's vibrant folk art displays the rich heritage that is unique to every region of the country. Let's check out a few...

Goa| Lokotsav| Kolkata| Local art| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


These traditional murals, crafted in the region of Kutch, in Gujarat, can surely add an artsy flair to any wall. No wonder kings of the region adorned their palace walls with these clay/mud and mirror works back in the days.

Goa| Lokotsav 2024| Gujurat| Wall hangings| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


This age-old, vibrant and intricate folk art comes from the state of Bihar. An expression of creativity, artists hand-paint contrasting strokes and patterns on cloth, paper or canvas.

Goa| Lokotsav| Bihar| Hand-painted | | Photo: Abigail Crasto


What can you possibly do with coconut shells? A lot! Check out these coconut artifacts, spoons, tissue holders and more from Goa. Not only do these crafts have various applications, but they also help sustain local artisans and boost Goa's tourism.

Goa| Lokotsav| Coconut shell art| Tissue holders| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Characterised by intricate details, mythological narratives and folklore, this art form is characteristic of the eastern state of Odisha. It is painted on cloth using natural colours, and takes around a month or two to complete.

Goa| Lokotsav| Odisha| Natural colours| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


A form of Kalamkari, this style originates in Andhra Pradesh. Keeping up with modern tastes, these block prints are sometimes combined with brilliant leather artistry to create ethnic lamp shades, like seen in the picture.

Goa| Lokotsav| Andhra Pradesh| Lampshades | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Enduring the trials of time, this ancient art form still thrives in the state of Odisha. The palm leaf etchings are dyed/ inked to form beautiful patterns and figures that are treasured in many homes.

Goa| Lokotsav| Odisha| Palm leaves| Etching| | Photo: Abigail Crasto

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