Glimpses of Divar's 'Bonderam' festival

Evelyn Siqueira

It’s that time of the year again when Divar comes alive with the traditional ‘Bonderam’, and the ‘Bonderachem Jevon’, ‘Bonderamchi Passoi’ and ‘Bonderam fest’ were the highlights of this year’s festival. There was a traditional 'jevonn' by the St Mathias Sports Club, Divar
The 'jevonn' consisted of local dishes such as local Goan par boiled rice, lady finger curry, 'Kismur' and 'Manganem' | ALL PHOTOS: Venita Gomes
‘Manganem’ is a traditional Goan sweet made of coconut, jaggery and channa dal
The traditional lunch was followed by the ‘Bonderamchi Passoi’ which was flagged off by a brass band
The ‘Pasoi’ started at the Malar Church and went walking along the village
The ‘Passoi’ made certain fixed stops along the way, where traditional sweets were laid out for the participants
The cloudy skies certainly didn't put a damper on the festivities
The first float in the float parade was dedicated to Goa’s famous traditional drink ‘urrak’
Dancin’ in the streets
Young participants were also part of the ‘urrak’ float
This float throws the spotlight on Goa’s natural wealth, including its plentiful local fruits
Young people added some fancy footwork to the float parade
The traditional occupation of pottery was the subject of this float