Glimpses of the Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar on Sunday

Dhiraj Harmalkar

People come to Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar to buy locally grown dry chillies.

Goa|Curchorem|bazaar|Dry Chillies | All pics: Dhiraj Harmalkar

Local women vendors sell organically grown indigenous veggies at Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar on Sunday.


People also prefer buying clothes from small stalls at reasonable prices.


If you want fresh flowers and garlands then Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar is the right place to buy them.


Suke, Khare jaaye? This bazaar is the best place to purchase good quality dry fish on Sunday.

Goa|Curchorem|Bazaar|Dry fish

A vendor is seen selling budkulyo, tilgul and chone at the Sunday bazaar.

Goa|Curchorem|Bazaar|Earthen wears

Locals from various parts of South Goa visit the Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar to buy groceries, fruits, veggies and other items.


Many people use the railways as the cheapest and a fastest mode of transport to the Sanvordem (Curchorem) bazaar on Sunday.


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