Go beyond the crowds; visit these places in Goa

Venita Gomes


Hidden within the village of Khandepar, Ponda, lie four small rock-cut laterite caves, silently narrating tales of centuries past. These are believed to be ancient marvels, dating back centuries.

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Located in Kurdi (Curdi) is the Mahadev Temple, a transplant temple. It was systematically dismantled, and reconstructed at its current spot during the construction of the Salaulim dam, providing a similar topographical setting.

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Located in North Goa, St Estevam is home to a fort offering a breathtaking view of the River Mandovi. A short walk is required to reach this scenic spot, which promises a rewarding experience for those who venture there.

St Estevam fort| Goa North|River Mandovi| Places to see | Photo: Venita Gomes


Some of the oldest surviving mosques in Goa can be found in the Ponda taluka, and include the Safa Masjid. This architectural gem features a beautiful tank, constructed using laterite, adding to its historic charm.

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In the village of Sarzora, South Goa, lies a serene lake, nestled amidst lush greenery and natural beauty. This tranquil oasis offers a peaceful setting, making it a perfect spot to pause and unwind, while exploring South Goa.

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For those seeking a local village exploration, the fort in Colvale is lesser-known, and boasts intricate architectural design, making it an interesting destination for history enthusiasts.

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