Goa is Holi ready already!

Venita Gomes

Goa's markets are flooded with a variety of Holi colours.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Festival | Photo: Sandeep Desai

Green, blue, yellow... there is an array of Holi colours one can pick from.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Festival | Photo: Sandeep Desai

Markets are full of 'pichkaris' in all shapes and sizes.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Pichkaris | Photo: Sandeep Desai

'Pichkaris' are favourite among children to fill colours and throw at each other.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Children | Photo: Sandeep Desai

Goa gets into a different mode and spirit at Holi.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Spirit | Photo: Sandeep Desai

Holi is a time for parties and to feel festive.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Festive spirit | Photo: Sandeep Desai

So, if you're planning on hosting a Holi colour party at your home for friends and family, don't forget to check out Goa's markets that have a variety of offerings.

Goa|Holi|Colours|Party time | Photo: Sandeep Desai

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