Goa, spooky side up!

Katia Goes

 1. Three Kings’ Church, Cansaulim

Greed, murder and suicide got the best of this place. Believed to be haunted by the spirits of three Kings, visiting this place after sundown is not advisable.

Haunted places in Goa| South Goa | Three Kings Church | Picture courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

2. Borim Bridge

This broken bridge stands in ruin. Several people have reported seeing a woman jump off the bridge only to later make an appearance in the backseat of their vehicle.

Haunted bridge | Goa | Borim bridge | Picture courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

3. Pilerne Industrial Estate road

Locals have shared experiencing an unexplained weight on the backseat of their empty vehicle whilst travelling down this road. The weight is lifted all of a sudden as they pass by a particular stretch.

Haunted road | Goa | Pilerne | Industrial Estate

4. Old GMC Complex

Apparently, seen sitting under a banyan tree outside the INOX theatre is a weeping woman. She requests people for a ride home and then disappears from the vehicle whilst passing by the cemetery.

Haunted| Goa | Banyan tree | GMC

6. NH66 Mumbai-Goa Highway

This highway warns its commuters not to carry non-vegetarian food for the fear of attracting supposed meat-loving witches that haunt the road, especially after dark.

Haunted road| Highway | NH66 | Picture courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

5. D'mello House

Property issues and murder was the fate of this doomed house. The spirit of the two D'mello brothers who fought and killed for the property still latches on to their land even after death.

Haunted house | Goa | D'mello house | Picture courtesy: Nomadicprantick & Wahhgoa

7.Rachol Seminary Arch

Dedicated to his job even centuries later, the spirit of a Portuguese soldier in his uniform has been seen at this arch. It is said that even today, it is he who decides who gets to pass through and who does not.

Haunted places in Goa | Rachol seminary | Arc | Soldier

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