GOAAAAHHHH! Farhan Akhtar takes trip down memory lane

Abigail Crasto


It was only love he felt when Farhan Akhtar released his debut film, Dil Chahta Hai, in 2001, which was filmed in Goa. Though Goa has changed since then, the actor's affection for the State remains unchanged.

Goa| Farhan Akhtar directorial film| Dil Chahta Hai| | Photo: @faroutakhtar/ instagram


In his recent interviews for promos of his upcoming venture, Madgaon Express, Farhan went down memory lane, reminiscing about his experiences and bond with Goa.

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Going back to his first trip in 1990 or 1991, the actor described how a Swiss couple he met felt Goa had changed since the 1970s. Bet they would get a heart attack to see the changes in Goa as of today.

Farhan Akhtar in Goa |Circa 1991 Anjuna| Old memories| | Photo: @faroutakhtar/ instagram


The actor also recounted another failed impromptu Goa trip back in 1993 or 1994. He and a friend decided to make a quick visit to Goa but it was cut short as the ATMs ran out of cash.

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In 1998, during a trip to Goa with his friends, Farhan, who was low on cash, tried to persuade a hotel staff he was working on a film with Aamir Khan, but the latter remained skeptical and did not believe him.

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The actor confessed there is a unique atmosphere in Goa. According to him, whenever he visits the place, all his worries are lifted away as if by magic.

Farhan Akhtar| Goa love| Chapora Fort| Reliving old times| | Photo: @faroutakhtar/ instagram


Having made numerous travel and adventure films under the Excel banner, Farhan hopes his films can motivate people to explore the world. He believes that there is no better teacher than travel itself.

Excel Entertainment| Founders| Ritesh Sidhwani| Farhan Akhtar| | Photo: @faroutakhtar/ instagram

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