Goa's Catholics celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Assumption alongside Independence Day

Venita Gomes

On August 15, India celebrates Independence Day. And in Goa, along with Independence Day celebrations, there is also the Feast of the Assumption. | Picture Courtesy: Venita Gomes
The Feast of the Assumption marks the day when the Blessed Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus Christ) ascended into Heaven. Many villages in Goa such as Velsao, Majorda, Candolim, Assolna etc, celebrate this feast in a big way.
In several parishes, ‘Boa Morte’ is observed on August 13 with a Eucharistic celebration and procession. The vespers are held on August 14, where the statue of Our Lady of Assumption is kept for veneration on a platform, which is specially made for the occasion.
After the feast mass on August 15, the statue is brought down.
On August 15, many parishes in Goa also celebrate ‘Konsachem Fest’, where they cut the sheaves of the first harvest, following the blessings of the Our Lady of Assumption.
In most Catholic homes, families are busy preparing ‘patoleos’.
Catholics across Goa celebrate the feast of the Assumption with great pomp and gaiety, and a small fair is also seen in the vicinity of the church.
A traditional brass band brings in the festivity vibes.
You can also find many villages on this day hosting cultural events and traditional games.