Goa’s Lent in a nutshell

Evelyn Siqueira

The penitential season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday for Catholics around the globe, and for Goa’s Catholic community, too.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Ash Wednesday | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

This season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving begins in February or March, following the 4-day Carnival revellery, which ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Carnival | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

During this period, it is customary for Catholics to fast and avoid eating meat.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Pez is a rice gruel, and was the meal of choice for Goa’s Catholics, especially on Good Friday and other Fridays in Lent.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | pez | rice | fast | Photo: Venita Gomes

Traditionally, Catholics would avoid organising celebrations and feasts during the Lenten period.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | feast | Photo: Venita Gomes

The recitation of the ‘Way of the Cross’ is a common practice in all villages and cities at this time of year.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Way of the Cross | Photo: Alrick Pereira

Penitential processions and Lenten pageants/tableaux are held in most parishes in the state, of which the Procession of Saints at Goa Velha, is the most popular.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Procession of Saint | Photo: Venita Gomes

The penitential season of Lent ends with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday observances. Easter is celebrated on the following Sunday.

Lent season | Goa | Catholic | Maundy Thursday | Gomantak Times

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