Goa's Mario has put India on the global freediving map with 4 national records

Venita Gomes

Meet Goan freediving athlete, Mario Fernandes, who has put India on the global freediving map.

Mario Fernandes | Goa | Freediving athlete

Mario Fernandes has won 4 national records for India in Israel with AIDA. In the constant weight bi-fins (CWTB) his record time is 45 m.

Indian | Freediving athlete

In the 'free immersion (FIM)' discipline, his record time is 40m; in 'dynamic with bi-fins (DYNB)' it is 86 m and in 'static Apnea (STA)' it is 4 minutes, 29 seconds. Mario's personal and best freediving time was 7 minutes when he was training. It was the longest time he was able to hold his breath.

Indian Freediving athlete | Mario Fernandes

CWTB is a competitive freediving discipline wherein the freediver wears a pair of bi-fins (or stereo, as opposed to a monofin) to descend along the line with or without the use of his arms.

Mario Fernandes | 4 National Awards | Indian Freediving athlete

Freediving is one of the most dangerous sports as it involves diving on a single breath to the depths of the ocean without any breathing apparatus.

Freediver | Mario Fernandes

He also cherishes his time in Goa as he enjoyed growing up with oceans in his backyard.

National Records | India| Freediving

In spite of the risks involved, Mario finds freediving not just relaxing but therapeutic. He says, "When you emerge, it's like you are born again."

Freediving athlete |India