Goa's snake couple at their charming best again

Franky Gracias

Join India and Goa's pride -- wildlife enthusiasts Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios -- on their mission to rescue snakes in Goa's wild in National Geographic's brand-new series, ‘Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest. The premier was telecast on August 20, 2022. | All pics: National Geographic Channel
Wedding planners by profession and snake catchers by passion, Ben and Louise's life mission is to rescue snakes and release them into the wild. And in this new series with National Geographic, the couple will be at it again with their most riveting rescues.
The 10-part series of Nat Geo will give viewers an up-close and personal experience of the techniques used by the couple, showcasing the challenges and issues associated with wildlife and busting the myths associated with the snakes.
Ben, along with his wife Louise, will be seen battling the Goan heat and racing across the length and breadth of the State to rescue some of the wildest snakes.
Ben believes their snake rescue actions have instilled in people a sense of responsibility and affection for the species. Many now call the forest department or reach out to them in case a snake is seen around.
Ben has been rescuing snakes in coordination with the Goa forest department for more than a decade and also conducts sessions to educate people on reptiles.
Once in their custody, Ben and Louise ensure that the snakes are safely released into the wild. So if you want to see this couple in action, see ‘Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest’ every Thursday at 8 pm on National Geographic Channel.