Have you been to one of Goa's oldest pottery markets?

Venita Gomes

The pottery market is located in the interior of Goa's famous Mapusa market. A galaxy of earthenware items such as dhupel, kune, budkulo, etc can be found here.

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One of the most popular and hottest selling pottery items is the piggy bank, known as miler in Konkani. In the olden days, people in Goa would save money in these 'milers.' And, at the time of any occasion or when money was required, they would break open these little banks.

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Colourful, hand painted pots, called budkule in Konkani, are another popular item here, and are used largely for decorative purposes by Goans.

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Decorative items like diyas, lampshades, cooking pots etc are available in plenty.

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Most of the vendors in this market are traditional potters, hailing from Socorro, Bicholim, etc.

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You will also find several very modern and quirky terracotta pieces among the traditional items on sale.


Browse carefully and you will chance upon unique finds such as this beautifully crafted terracotta plaque which will take your home, or garden, decor to the next level.