How to curate your own Goa experience

Evelyn Siqueira


Planning a trip to Goa? Want a custom-made holiday, but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a quick rundown of experiences to try …

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Check out famous churches such as those in Old Goa, or stop by one in any of Goa’s villages, and admire the diverse architectural styles.

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Goa is a land where feasts and festivals are celebrated almost all year round. Find out which one is scheduled to take place during your Goa visit.

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No visit to Goa is complete without visiting one of the State’s many beautiful beaches.

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Travellers who get a high in the great outdoors can opt for outdoor activities such as trekking, water sports and other adventure sports.

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There are Indo-Portuguese houses galore in the State. If you’re interested in seeing a couple, head for the famous mansions in South Goa. Alternatively, take a leisurely ride through a village or two, and feast your eyes on a variety of houses built in the Indo-Portuguese style.

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You can’t leave Goa without savouring the cuisine – from delicately flavoured sweets to fiery main courses. And, remember that Goan curries and sides taste best with local pao and sanna.

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Other uniquely Goan experiences to enjoy include local performing arts (tiatr, fado, traditional dances), a ferry ride, boat cruises, yoga and spice plantations, to name a few.

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