If it's fresh, you know it is Confeitaria 31 de Janeiro!

Lakshmi G Sardesai

Confeitaria 31 de Janeiro is nestled in a quiet corner of the heritage Latin quarter, Fontainhas, in Panjim.

Taste of Goa | Bakers' delight | All pics: Lakshmi Sardesai

It has been serving Ponjekars (Panjimites) ever since it was established on January 31, 1930, when the Portuguese were ruling Goa.

Filled with nostalgia| Love at first bite

The legacy of baking bread the traditional way in a wood-fired earthen oven (locally known as forn) continues to date.

From the oven to your heart | Bread & more

Be it paos or pastries, the staff here make everything to perfection. Work starts at 4 in the morning, much before the cock crows.

Made with dedication| Something sweet

Bread, biscuits or cakes - most of the items are made traditionally by using local ingredients, and machinery is not used much.

Best in baking | Old fashioned magic

Gletta Mascarenhas is a third-generation entrepreneur who is keeping this baking tradition alive and has been at it for the last 25 years.

Her pride| Baking with a smile

Over the years, the bakery has undergone several changes to its interiors.

Fall in love with cakes| Served fresh

And this postcard-perfect picture of the ambience will entice anyone to visit this place to get a feel of Europe.

Sweet seduction | Fall in love

The completely renovated interiors too will make you visit Confeitaria again and again.

Unspeakably cool | Perfect ambience