IFFI 2022: Indian Panorama non-feature films to watch out for

Rohan Fernandes

The Show Must Go On (English)

A documentary about ageing icons of Parsi theatre, who return to the stage for one final curtain. And then, tragedy strikes.

The show must go on|Film|IFFI 2022

Clinton (English)

A boy sacrifices his most priceless possession, his cricket trophy, to a bully in exchange for ₹ 20 to buy food for himself and a hungry girl.

Clinton|Film|IFFI 2022

Wagro (Konkani)

A movie about a village boy who decides to move to the city as he spends his last day with his girlfriend.

Wagro|Film|IFFI 2022

Vibhajan Ki Vibhishak Unkahi (Hindi)

Untold stories of the innocent people who lost their lives during the partition of India.

Vibhajan ki vibhishak unkahi|Film|IFFI 2022

A story about two 14-year-olds who are HIV positive. One was abandoned at birth; the other is fighting to overcome fear of the future.

Ayushman|Film|IFFI 2022

Taangh (English):

When Nandy Singh, who was part of the iconic Indian Hockey Team of 1948, suffers a stroke at age 84, his daughter is inspired to rediscover the champion that he was.

Taangh|Film|IFFI 2022

Little Wings (Tamil)

An old woman, trapped in a bitter marriage, is pushed to the brink when her paralysed husband tries to consume her pet rooster.

Little wings|Film|IFFI 2022

Pataal - Tee (Bhotiya)

A 13-year-old boy cannot imagine his world without his grandfather. When the latter falls ill, the boys goes out on a difficult quest to find the 'Holy Water' which is guarded by a Himalayan spirit.

Pataal Tee|Film|IFFI 2022