In Bicholim, this pottery studio spins the wheel of creativity

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The Kumbhar Pottery Studio in a quaint bylane of the Bicholim Industrial Estate in North Goa is the flagbearer of one of the oldest art forms in the State.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Bicholim Industrial Estate | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The potter's wheel started spinning in 1992 at this studio when it started as a modest household business.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Household business | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The skilled craftsmanship is visible in this picture as seen from some of the clay decorative items and vases.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Skilled craftsmanship | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The studio produces some of the finest pots, bowls, storage containers, plates, lamps, idols and sculptures.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Skilled craftsmanship|Pots|Vases | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

Pots as tall as 8 feet and above are handcrafted without the use of machinery.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Skilled craftsmanship|Handcrafted | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

Seventy-two-year-old Zilu Harmalkar, who keeps no track of time while at work inside the studio, shapes the clay artefacts with his artistic hands. He says, 'kala (art) lies in the hands, not in the tools.'

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Skilled craftsman|Zilu Harmalkar | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The red clay used for the pottery work is sourced from the fields of Bordem in Bicholim.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Red clay|Bordem, Bicholim | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

Once the clay items are ready, they are placed in the wood-fired bhatti (kiln). A bhatti requires more than a truckload of wood for a single blazing session.

Goa|Kumbhar Pottery Studio|Bhatti|Blazing process | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

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