In this village in Goa, people build boats on the birthday of Mother Mary

Venita Gomes

On September 8, the feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the birthday of Mother Mary, mother of Jesus Christ), is celebrated in a unique way in Majorda.

Feast of the nativity | All Pics Courtesy: Esteven Pereira

In Majorda, you will find boats laden with flowers today! These are traditionally decorated boats with palm leaves, flowers, etc.

Boats decorated

Sea men and sailors from the village have great devotion towards Our Lady and consider her their protector.

Boats |flowers | palm leaves

You can see how meticulously and artistically these boats have been crafted.

Boat made from palm leaves

These boats are also decorated with plenty of local flowers and garlands. The priest blesses these boats after the feast mass.

Feast of the nativity

Here's a boat that has a depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as an infant.

Birth of Mother Mary

The boats are then displayed in the Majorda church compound. The village then celebrates the feast with traditional pomp and gaiety.

Mother of God Church