Karwar's Sunday markets are where Goans shop for their monsoon 'purument'

Franky Gracias

The bustling Sunday markets in neighbouring Karwar are a big draw for Goans, especially those from nearby villages in Canacona taluka.

Goa|Karwar market|Shopping | Photo: Franky Gracias

Karwar is well known for sukhe nuste bazaar (dry fish market), which is frequented by Goans in summer for dry fish -- one of the purument items -- to last the lean monsoon season.

Goa|Karwar market|Dry fish | Photo: Franky Gracias

Besides dry fish, it's live fish market is also well known for its fresh catch.

Goa|Karwar market|Main fish market | Photo: Franky Gracias

At the main market, one can find a wide variety of fish, and the prices are little lower compared to Goan markets.

Goa|Karwar market|Main fish market | Photo: Franky Gracias

One can find wild vegetables that are brought from nearby villages and sold here.

Goa|Karwar market|Local veggies | Photo: Franky Gracias

Local variety of mangoes have started flooding the market.

Goa|Karwar market|Mangoes | Photo: Franky Gracias

People from nearby villages come to the market to buy household items made of cane.

Goa|Karwar market|Can e items | Photo: Franky Gracias

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