Know what to expect in Goa before your arrival

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Before you set off on your trip to Goa, be sure you acquaint yourself with the necessary info to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to the state.

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Taxi services are available in Goa, although they are not very frequent. If you plan to travel at night, you need to book a cab in advance or find a local taxi, since Ola and Uber options are not available.

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Many visitors opt for public transport to travel within the state. Note that the last bus in Goa generally operates until around 10 pm. Post that, you won't find any public buses, so plan your Goa trip accordingly.

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Goa has approximately 19 stations, although the train frequency within the state is not as high as that in metro cities of India.

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Compared to other states, you will find sign boards in English in most parts of Goa, making them easy for the average tourist to read.

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Goans typically take power naps in the afternoon, during which time, a majority of business establishments are closed, and you will notice a scarcity of shopping options, transportation etc.

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Apart from bridges, the many ferry services in Goa are a scenic way to cross from one side of a river to another. However, keep in mind that these services have fixed timings and don't ply round the clock.

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