Love mangoes? Then you need to try these Goan mango delicacies

Evelyn Siqueira

Mangoes are a popular fruit in Goa, with several varieties being available at this time of the year.

Mango | Goa | Photo: Gomantak Times

In Goa, in addition to eating the fruit by itself, mangoes are enjoyed in loads of different traditional ways, all of which are a delight to the palate.

Mango | Goa | Photo: Gomantak Times

One of the simplest preparations is korom, which is basically sliced raw mango, and is a light, delicious accompaniment to any meal. 

Mango | Goa | korom | Photo: Venita Gomes

Mango pickle – spicy or sweet – has a long shelf life and is a flavourful addition to meals.

Mango | Goa | pickle | Photo: Gomantak Times

Chepnim, or thor, is made of small, tender mangoes in brine, and is generally crinkled in appearance.

Mango | Goa | chepnim tor | Photo: Gomantak Times

Dry mango seeds are an important souring agent in Goan cuisine.

Mango | Goa | Photo: Gomantak Times

Mangoes are the main ingredients in dishes such as Ambeche Saasav, Amlechi Uddamethi (raw mango curry) and Bharilyo Amlyo (stuffed mangoes).

Mango | Goa | stuffed | Photo: Gomantak Times

Mangada/mangaad (mango jam), and saata (mango leather or fruit roll-ups) are other popular mango preparations.

Mango | Goa | jam | mangada | Photo: Gomantak Times

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