Made in Goa: Taleigao's 'bhaji' fields lead from the front

Lakshmi G Sardesai

The lush green fields of Taleigao in the neighbourhood of Panjim come alive with vegetables grown in summer.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Crops | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Right from sunrise to sunset, women can be seen selling the produce of their hard labour on the roadside.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Crop sale | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Anand Sawant, a farmer, tends to over-ripenened brinjals to get their seeds for the next plantation.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Pumpkin | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Locally known as tendli, Ivy gourd of the pumpkin family is another vegetable that is grown here.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Ivy gourd | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Cluster bean farming is also practised in Taleigao.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Cluster beans | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

The local Goan brinjals from Taleigao are much in demand. These take almost three months to grow.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Brinjals | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Red vegetable (known as tambdi bhaji in Konkani) is also grown in abundance here.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Tambdi bhaji | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Farm-fresh red chilies also form part of the long list of vegetables.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Chillies | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Edible pumpkin flowers produced by pumpkin plants too grow in Taleigao.

Goa|Taleigao|Vegetable fields|Pumpkin flowers | Photo: Lakshmi G Sardesai

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