Madgaonkars say Viva Carnival 2023

Dhiraj Harmalkar

A dancing troupe in floral garb swayed to the Carnival beat in Margao.

Goa|Carnival|flowers|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

Environmental activists were seen dressed in frog costumes, sending the message to protect the endangered species.

Goa|Carnival|Bull frogs|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

Empowered women make a strong society.

Goa|Carnival|simpsons|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

Vibrantly clothed participants danced and waved at the crowd gathered to see floats in Margao.

Goa|Carnival|dance|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

A representation of a Goan shepherd in the parade.

Goa|Carnival|shephard|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

Women actively participated in the Carnival float parade and danced enthusiastically.

Goa|carnival|women|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

This participant gave new meaning to "going green to save the planet".

Goa|Carnival|nature|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

A float showcasing the ill effects of drinking and driving.

Goa|Carnival|drinking|Margao | Photo: GT Digital

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