Make a move beyond beaches, explore Goa's riverside

Roxanne D'silva


Want to enjoy the waters of Goa, but can't stand crowded beaches? Head to these scenic riverside locations instead and experience peace and quiet as you soak in the lovely views.

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The River Mandovi never fails to entice. Whether you're looking for a place to relax, walk, cycle or simply enjoy the views, this promenade is a great addition to your Goa visit.

Scenic views| Goa travel| Backwaters| River | Panjim promenade | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


The scenic route towards Reis Magos is steeped in historical significance because of the Reis Magos fort. Once you leave the banks of the river, you will take with you a well-rounded experience of appreciating both nature and history.

Scenic views| Goa travel| Backwaters| Reis Magos | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


The tranquility of Torda Creek reminds one of our lost connection with nature. It's a perfect place to relax, unwind, embrace nature and indulge in some angling.

Scenic views| Goa travel| Backwaters| River | Torda | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


Aldona's backwaters will prod on visitors to explore a different side of Goa. And as you start exploring, the traditional houses and a laid-back way of life will encourage you to take life easy.

Scenic views| Goa travel| Backwaters| River | Aldona | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


The backwaters of Salvador do Mundo offer scenic views for those seeking an escape. Whether you're looking for a quiet spot to meditate or simply admire nature, this location delivers beyond expectations.

Scenic views| Goa travel| Backwaters| River | Goa | Salvador do Mundo | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


Nerul river and its mangroves offer a lot of fun activities, like kayaking and boat rides. It is also a scenic route which travellers can take while heading towards the historical Fort Aguada, in Sinquerim.

Scenic views| Goa travel | Backwaters| River | Nerul


Siolim and solitude go hand in hand, and its river bank allows you to refresh your soul and look at life anew. Also, do not leave the river bank without watching the sun go down.

North Goa | Siolim| Morjim | river | Photo: Roxanne D'silva

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