Navratri Day 1: Bright and beautiful hues of orange in Goa

Evelyn Siqueira

Orange is a prominent colour in the lives of the Goan people, and can be found in all spheres of local life, from food to flowers to football..

Navratri | orange | Crossandra | abolim | Goa


When we think about the colour orange in Goa, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the creamy, mouth-watering orange Goan fish curry.

Navratri | orange | fish curry | Goa | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


Found in many Goan home gardens, the firecracker plant (Crossandra infundibuliformis) – locally known as abolim – is a small shrub with a terminal inflorescence of delicate orange blooms. In Goa, these flowers are used to make garlands.

Navratri | orange | Crossandra | abolim | Goa


Garlands of orange and yellow marigolds (Tagetes erecta) are a common sight in local markets and are extensively used for religious purposes, among other things.

Navratri | orange | marigolds | Goa flowers | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


If you’re on a visit to Goa, don’t miss the dreamy orange sunsets at different locations – beaches, hills, villages, fields, cities – all of which make gorgeous backdrops for any photograph.

Navratri | orange | sunset | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


Blue and orange are the colours of FC Goa, aka Gaurs, a professional football team from Goa. While blue represents the state’s coastline, orange symbolises the beautiful sunrise.

Navratri | orange | FC Goa | Gaurs | PHOTO: Gomantak Times


The picturesque Maruti Temple is by far the most famous temple in Panjim and is situated on the Altinho hillock, overlooking Panjim’s Latin quarter of Fontainhas.

Navratri | orange | Maruti Temple | Altinho | Panjim | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


Goan meals are incomplete without pickle, which are part of local culinary tradition, and bear fiery orange hues owing to the blend of spicy ingredients used to prepare them.

Navratri | orange | Tendlim pickle | Goan food | PHOTO: Venita Gomes


Not all coconuts are green in Goa. The Malayan Orange Dwarf, Chowghat Orange Dwarf, Benaulim and Calangute variety come in varying shades of orange.

Navratri | orange | Malayan Dwarf | Chowghat Dwarf, Benaulim | Calangute | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

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