Navratri Day 8: A flower show of purple in Goa

Evelyn Siqueira

An abundance of purple can be seen all over Goa – from passion flowers to Purple Fest to a popular band, called Purple Rain. Now, feast your eyes on the many shades of purple found in the local flowers and fruits.

Navratri | purple | Goa | mulberry


Brinjals (Solanum melongena L.) grow in Goa and find use in culinary preparations such as brinjal pickle and stuffed brinjal (Bharleli Vangi), while a local variety also has a GI tag.

Navratri | purple | Goa | brinjal | Solanum melongena L.


The Karvi plant (Strobilanthes callosa) flowers only once in 8 years, and is currently in bloom on hills in certain parts of Goa.

Navratri | purple | Goa | Strobilanthes callosa | Karvi


Also known as Globe Amaranth or Button flowers (Gomphrena globosa), the plant is fairly drought resistant and its flowers are used to make garlands in Goa.

Navratri | purple | Goa | Gomphrena globosa | button flower


Commonly called hortensia, a hydrangea flower ranges in colour from white to pink to lilac to lavender depending on soil pH. Although not native to India, it is currently available in plant nurseries, and makes a pretty sight.

Navratri | purple | Goa | hydrangea


Calatropis gigantean, known as Ruie or Milkweed, grows wild along Goa’s roadsides, and bears mauve, waxy flowers.

Navratri | purple | Goa | Calatropis gigantean


On Dussehra day, the leaves of Bauhinia purpurea, locally called aptto, are exchanged as this symbolizes gold and prosperity.

Navratri | purple | Goa | Bauhinia purpurea


The ripe fruits of the mulberry tree (Morus alba) are sweet, juicy and a deep purplish black in colour.

Navratri | purple | Goa | mulberry

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