Offbeat experiences to savour in Goa

Evelyn Siqueira


From ancient art to local breads, go beyond beaches and marvel at what Goa has to offer the discerning visitor.

Goa | beach | tourists | Photo: Augusto Rodrigues


A series of unique rock carvings, called petroglyphs, are found in the village of Usgalimal, in Sanguem taluka. Carved on a laterite rock bed, they are believed to be 6,000 or 7,000 years old, making them one of the oldest sites of rock art in Goa.

Rock art |  Usgalimal | Goa


Natural springs are dotted all over Goa, in places such as Pomburpa, Panjim, Sancoale, Veling, Saligao and Rivona to name a few. Many of them have medicinal properties, too.

Goa | Panjim | Fontainhas | Spring | Photo: Arti Das


Give your mind a break by attending a retreat at Saint Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre, Old Goa. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of the many yoga camps, held at different locations all over the state.

Yoga | Goa


Adil Shah Palace, Archbishop’s Palace and Maquinez Palace are just some of the centuries-old palaces which still stand today, and even find use in modern times.

Goa | Adil Shah Palace | Museum| Panjim | | Photo: Roxanne D'silva


Want to traverse a river in Goa? Opt for a scenic ferry ride instead of taking the bridge.

Goa | Ferry | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Join a walking tour with organisations such as Soul Travelling, Make It Happen, Plant Walks Goa etc and you’ll be able to not just soak in the experience, but also unearth secrets and stories about Goa’s culture, villages, food and more.

Sucorro | plateau walk


Goan cuisine is delicious, and tastes even better with local bread. So, when in Goa, check out the delicious breads (pao, poie, katre etc) baked in a traditional bakery.

Goa | bread | pao

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