One of Goa's tourism USPs is its ferry rides

Rohan Fernandes

Goa has some of the best inland waterways and many people use ferries to commute.

Goa|Ferry rides|Ribandar Divar|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The River Navigation Department of the Goa government operates all the ferries.

Goa|Ferry rides|Cortalim madkai|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The ferry service is present mostly in places like Divar Island, Chorao, Vanxim and Narve where there is no access via bridge.

Goa|Ferry rides|Divar Old Goa|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The ferry service is free for people and two-wheelers. Most of the ferries start operating at 6 am.

Goa|Ferry rides|Panjim Betim|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The ferry services are unique as these not only transport people, but also heavy and light vehicles.

Goa|Ferry rides|Divar Naroa|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

In the evenings, the ferry rides are mesmerizing as one can enjoy sunsets while sailing.

Goa|Ferry rides|Divar Ribandar|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The Madkai-Cortalim ferry crossing is the longest in Goa. The service is free for people and two-wheelers, but four-wheelers have to pay a minimal fee.

Goa|Ferry rides|Surla|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The ferries also operate special services at a little extra cost. They also accord priority for ambulances, hearse vans and wedding vehicles whenever required.

Goa|Ferry rides|Divar|Transportation | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

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